Toyota Alexa 350

Good morning Hugh

Trust you are well? My apologies for my late reply to the performance of your turboflo. I must admit I was surprised to see what the some little thing can do to your fuel saving and increasing the power to ones engine capacity. I was not looking  for speed or power i was just looking for fuel saving as my car is a bit heavy on petrol. So the dealers say the car does 11.2 litres per 100km. However we all know that is not always true. I would get 13.1litre per 100km. With Turboflo i got up to 10.4 litre per 100 km. I have adjusted my driving style and use no aircon.And i can see the change as per the meter reading drops. Wow!!! That’s phenomenal .

I am truly satisfied. Hence my reply and promotion.


Francisco Adendolff.





Toyota V6 Bakkie

I recently came across a V6 Toyota Bakkie on Gumtree where the owner was claiming an average fuel consumption of 12.5 liter per 100 km.
Knowing that the average consumption of these vehicle’s was 15 litre per 100 km, I contacted him. He produced records confirming the 12.5 litre per 100 km and said that it was as a result of having a TURBO-FLO fitted. I bought the vehicle and in no time at all sold it based on the fuel savings, which has been confirmed by the new owner.

Rob Thunder
Car Go

Renault Logan 1.6

I purchased a unit for my 2009 Renault Logan 1.6 which I fitted to the vehicle (little bit worried that it would work) but I’m pleased to report that it DOES work.
I am not the lightest foot when it comes to driving so I was surprised when my consumption changed from 8/9 km per litre (town driving) to a fantastic 13/14 km pre litre. CAN’T wait to get on the open road for a long trip!!!
Such a small adjustment for quite a difference.
Do you have a unit to fit a 2006 Ford Bantam?
Once again thank you

Louis du Toit
Port Elizabeth

Out of 5 vehicles

Out of 5 vehicles – 4 showed significant fuel saving and performance, except a Nissan Sentra 1.6.

Louis Van Vuuren
083 940 0018

Jeep Cherokee 3.7

I just wanted to let you know that I drive a Jeep Cherokee 3.7l and my petrol consumption was between 15.50 – 16.00 litres per 100km. I had the Turbo Flo device fitted about two months ago and my petrol consumption dropped immediately to 12.8 – 13.50 litres per 100km. I have an onboard computer in my car and the petrol consumption is shown on the screen so I know that the results are really accurate. I have also found that my vehicle has more power as well so that is an added bonus! I am very happy with your product and it was money well spent and I highly recommend it.

Thank you

Kerry Nicholson
Plan A Events

2013 GWM Steed 5.2 VGT Double Cab fuel saving

Immediately after having the TURBOFLO fitted by Hugh Dixon the engine was a lot smoother and the additional power was unbelievable. Over the next few days doing local trips  i found their was a fuel saving of +/- 20%. I highly recommend Turboflo. 




Adrian Ryley

2003 Toyota Prado 3L Diesel KZTE 4X4

Thanks a million Hugh

Your service offered was world-class

I can’t believe how fast you installed

We do a lot of local deliveries for our POWER BONE BROTH business in the Durban region.
( reduces body pains and assists in healing of many many diseases )

My average consumption around town was always around 14.7/100 and now my average is around 11/100

I even get 9.1/ 100 from time to time on route to work

So, it is a great product

Thank you

Gavin Stone

Gavin Stone
Power Bone Broth

Toyota Hilux D4D

Before fitting the TURBO-FLO my average fuel consumption was 6.96 KM/LT.
After installing and testing the TURBO-FLO for 3532.64 kilometers, involving 9 fill-ups, the fuel consumption went from 6.96 KM/LT to 9.12 KM.LT – 2.16 extra kilometer per liter. Savings of 31%.

80% open road / 20% urban.

As a result of this, my Company have installed Turbo-flo’s in all our Company vehicle’s, 30 in all.
I highly recommend the Turbo-flo.

Ben Smit
083 327 5646

Fortuner 4.0 V6

Yay! I had mine fitted this morning by none other than Hugh Dixon . Had the privilege of taking him for a spin in my 4.0 V6 Fortuner.
* felt an instant improvement in POWER , we got to 160kmh in a few seconds
* even with a heavy foot it just stood at 7.2 km per ltr from 6.5
cant wait to take her on a long trip looking forward to just over 8 km per ltr. This man knows a few tricks on how to improve your fuel consumption and performance even further. I’m definitely going to install this unit to my fleet and recommend to my friends as well.
Kind Regards
Thanks Hugh Dixon
Imran Bux
Buxco Express

Toyota Corolla 1.8

Just want to ‘report’ back on the Turbo-flo. I am impressed with the difference in my fuel consumption, got 15.1 km/l on my heavily loaded 1.8 Corolla back to Bloemfontein, previously I managed to only get ±13 km/l uphill to Bloemfontein . This is the best I have ever done, so I am very satisfied, thank you.

You will get several calls as everyone I spoke to is interested. My father-in-law already had one installed in his Yaris on Saturday and he is satisfied as well.

Keep well.

Rian de Jager
051 402 4006 / 082 850 5008

Corsa, Astra and Isuzu

Williams Hunt Delta Southdale have fitted the Turbo-Flo fuel saving device to both fleet vehicles and some customer vehicles and found the fuel consumption is lower than before. Fleet vehicles consisted of Corsa (diesel/petrol), Astra and Isuzu (diesel/petrol). Turbo-Flo is fitted as an accessory to the vehicle’s air filter system, and is not a modification that will effect your warranty. For any further references, please do not hesitate to contact Christo Du Plessis (Workshop Manager) Williams Hunt Delta, Southdale.

Mr. Christo Du Plessis
Williams Hunt Delta, Southdale - Workshop Manager


I just want to tell you that the Turbo-Flo that you sold me makes such a difference to my car. I was going to sell my car because it was using too much petrol. Now I don’t need to. I am very pleased that I found Turbo-Flo.


Ford Focus 2.0 GDI sport

After looking forward to the festive season and being eager to see the output of the turboflo system. I am pleased to say that my vehicle has achieved between 5.9lt and 6.9lt to the 100km travelling long distance (even the government (wife) noticed this). Topping up the vehicle (2012 Ford Focus 2.0 GDI sport) prior to embarking to KZN from JHB the onboard computer read 590km to empty. I have found a progressive increase in tank range as I filled up every tank (3 in total for the festive trip). With the chart topping reading vs consumption on my return to JHB being 690km to empty. With easy driving (remaining at the national speed limit), I only consumed 360km with half a tank of fuel remaining. The onboard computer read another 400km to empty at 6.8lt to 100km! (that’s 760km / tank)

Being naughty on my trip down…I have to say that the power to consumption ratio is brilliant! Returning to good behaviour and seeing the onboard recalibrate the distance to empty is rather quick in comparison to previous medium distance trips.

There is more to experience from turboflo…thank you for a great product!

Clyde Pillay
082 851 9305
Johannesburg, Bryanston


I have recently fitted a Turbo-Flo to my BMW. Since then I have experienced a tremendous saving on my fuel bill. I have also experienced an increase in power whilst reducing my carbon emissions.
I am involved in the Taxi Industry and I recommend that all taxis be fitted with a Turbo-Flo. Not only will they reduce their costs but will also be helping the environment as a result of reduced carbon emissions.
Thank you and Kind regards

Gerald Ferror
Vice Chairman : KZNTCC


To whom it may concern:

Thanks for this great product!

JC Herrer

Fuel Consumption

Thanks Mr Dixon my fuel consumption has been reduced from 7.8L/100KM to 6.4L/100KM

Vezi Mdlalose
073 5177 114

Isuzu 4 Ton Diesel

A fleet of 60 Diesel Bread Delivery Vans, mainly 4 ton Turbo diesel Isuzu’s are obtaining 10 – 15% fuel savings. On average these vehicle’s do 100 km’s per day with +/- 50 stops. The oil has been reported to be significantly cleaner at service.

Albany Bakery

Citi Golf

Turbo-flo is working just fine on my Citi Golf. The last 45L of fuel i had an increase of 100 kms from 495 to 595., which is a 20% fuel saving.

Jonathan Taljaard
072 1127 7631

Mercedes & Kia Picanto

Good day Hugh

We are very satisfied with the Turbo flo that we installed in our Mercedes & Kia Picanto.

I recently bought a Mercedes Benz C180K Avangarde 2006 model. Can you please give me a quotation on the turbo flo needed. Please send info on payment as well.

Thank you

Beadri Brown
072 026 8483