Ford Focus 2.0 GDI sport

After looking forward to the festive season and being eager to see the output of the turboflo system. I am pleased to say that my vehicle has achieved between 5.9lt and 6.9lt to the 100km travelling long distance (even the government (wife) noticed this). Topping up the vehicle (2012 Ford Focus 2.0 GDI sport) prior to embarking to KZN from JHB the onboard computer read 590km to empty. I have found a progressive increase in tank range as I filled up every tank (3 in total for the festive trip). With the chart topping reading vs consumption on my return to JHB being 690km to empty. With easy driving (remaining at the national speed limit), I only consumed 360km with half a tank of fuel remaining. The onboard computer read another 400km to empty at 6.8lt to 100km! (that’s 760km / tank)

Being naughty on my trip down…I have to say that the power to consumption ratio is brilliant! Returning to good behaviour and seeing the onboard recalibrate the distance to empty is rather quick in comparison to previous medium distance trips.

There is more to experience from turboflo…thank you for a great product!