Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TURBO-FLO?

A patented fuel saving device that fits snugly into the flexible air intake pipe just before the carburettor / injector. It is made of a single piece of strong but lightweight polyurethane – the base material is imported from France. It has no moving parts and is completely maintenance free. It is specially designed to modify the air supply to the engine.

Does the TURBO-FLO work?

Judging by the feedback we get from the comments and testimonials, it works. There are many returning customers getting one for their other or new vehicles too.

How will you know its working?

As a service to customers, you get free access to the fuel consumption calculator on the website. Track your consumption from tank to tank and see the fuel saving for yourself. In the rare event, you are not 100% satisfied, you get your money back – no questions asked.

Turbo or no turbo?

The TURBO-FLO works on vehicles with or without a turbo.

Fuel-injection or carburettor?

The TURBO-FLO works on vehicles with fuel injection or with a carburettor. If the engine needs airflow to run (like all engines do), the TURBO-FLO will do its job.

What about Diesel?

The TURBO-FLO works on petrol and diesel vehicles. Diesel driven vehicles have the added advantage of gaining torque and have less of the typical turbo-lag.

Is there one for your vehicle?

The TURBO-FLO fuel saver has been designed and manufactured according to each Make, Model and Year of vehicle – this is NOT a case of “one-size-fits-all”. Go to the list of Approved Vehicle Models. If your vehicle is on the list you can order one right away.

Will it work on your vehicle?

The success rate of the TURBO-FLO speaks for itself. Some customers report fuel savings of up to 25%. But let us stay realistic: A fuel consumption saving of 10-15% would already be more than any drop in fuel price.

Why do I need the TURBO-FLO?

All vehicles that run on fuel use petrol or diesel to run on, yours too. Together with that the engine needs air to mix with the petrol or diesel. This enables the fuel to combust. The better the air flow to your engine, the better the fuel combustion. Better combustion means better output from the engine with the same amount of fuel = more kilometres per litre. The TURBO-FLO makes this happen.

To be able to understand the exact workings of the TURBO-FLO one would have to be a chemical and mechanical engineer. For the purpose of this explanation, suffice it to say that the TURBO-FLO works very well. We would otherwise not be able to offer you a whole 90-day refund policy.

Can the TURBO-FLO harm my engine?

The TURBO-FLO is fitted as an accessory to the vehicle’s air intake system and is not a modification to the engine. In most cases it will not even affect your warranty. This is according to Mr Christo Du Plessis – Workshop Manager – Williams Hunt Delta, Southdale.

How much fuel will I save / power will I gain?

Results vary depending on vehicle type, vehicle age, driving habits, engine condition and other factors. Users have experienced power gains of up to 29% and up to 27% improvement in fuel efficiency. These results are not typical, though the average vehicle will reduce consumption by 0.5 to 1 Ltr/100Km and produce an extra 3 to 9 KW. Very few customers have reported no gains at all – this is where our refund policy kicks in.

Read the comments / feedback section about what existing users of the TURBO-FLO fuel saver have to say.