Fitting Instructions

  1. The TURBO-FLO fits into the Air Intake pipe :
    1. Either side of the Air Filter housing – or –
    2. Just before the Throttle Body / Manifold.
  2. Can be used either way around but must fit tight.
  3. Secure with either a Cable Tie or Hose Clamp.
  4. If the vehicle is fitted with a sophisticated air flow sensor, the TURBO-FLO must be placed after the sensor.
  5. Check Air Filter housing for holes. If present, block using Duct Tape or something similar.
    Once the TURBO-FLO has been fitted, start the motor and place your hand (cupped) over the air intake entrance. Give a couple of sharp revs in order to feel for vacuum. If not felt, it means there is an air leak and prevents the TURBO-FLO from working.