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  1. Hi I drive 2002 jeep Cherokee 3.7L will turbo flow fit in my vehicle and saver on petrol as my fuel consumption is 16l/100km

    1. Hi

      Thanks for your enquiry. Yes we do have a turboflo for your vehicle and your consumption will go to +/- 13l/100km.



  2. Hi

    I have a Pajero SUV 1996 3.5L V6. Will the turbo-flo fit and bring the fuel consumption down?


    1. Hi

      Thanks for the enquiry. Turboflo was started in 1996/7 and over the years we have done numerous Pajero V6, resulting in savings of +/- 15%



  3. Hi

    I have a Range Rover 4.6 HSE 1999 model which runs on a V8, would this device work on it.

    1. Hi

      Yes turboflo does work on your vehicle. +/- 15% fuel saving is what has been achieved.

  4. Hi
    before I order the TurboFlo, I would like to know if it will work on my vehicle. A3 2.0T and axactly do I fit it or can I go to someone in cape town to have it fitted

    1. Hi

      Yes we do have and i did reply using a normal email.



  5. will the unit work on a 325i 2009 model
    have it been done before please would like to get one and if any supplier in Cape Town.

    1. Hi

      I did reply using a normal email. Turboflo is a D.I.Y product and works well on your vehicle



  6. Ek het n Turbo-Flo n paar jaar gelede by n agent van julle gekoop. Toe ek my vorige kar verkoop, het ek hom uitgehaal. Ek wil dit nou weer in my nuwe kar gebruik, maar verneem dat daar nou n verbeterde een is. Is dit so, en moet nou liewer n nuwe een koop? Indien so, wat is die verskil?
    Paul Kern
    071 879 4848

    1. Goeie middag
      Indien die binne mates van die lugsuigpyp die selfde is as die vorige voortuig s’n, kan u gerus voort gaan en dit weer gebruik. Die Turbo-Flo moet styf binne in die pyp pas. As dit ‘n rubber of plastiek suigpyp is, bevestig die Turbo-Flo van buite om die pyp met en sterk “cabeltie” of “hose-clamp”.
      As die mates verskil is dit beter om ‘n nuwe Turbo-Flo te kry.

  7. Hi can you please send me your phone number I want to order this product

    1. Hi

      Thanks, you can either phone 031-765-6510 0r 083-325-3090


      Hugh Dixon

  8. Hi.
    I’m driving a jetta 3 1997 eish I’m using to much fuel.can u please tel me the price for the Turbo- Flo and where must be installed please

    1. Price of turboflo including delivery is R284.00. Fits into the air intake pipe between the air filter and throttle body. You are supplied with fitting instructions/photo’s etc.



  9. Hi Hugh

    I don’t see the response from one of your purchasers a Chris for a 3,2 DID Pajero.

    mine has been chipped by SAC and I get reasonably good consumption at the moment – around town between 9,5 and 10 l/100km. I have had 7,5l/100km on an open road trip at a constant 100km per hour.

    Will I benefit any more by fitting one of your turbo-flo devices?


    1. Hi David

      Due to the fact that you are getting a good fuel saving with the chip, my honest opinion is that by fitting the turboflo, your fuel saving might only be 2 to 3% more if anything. What turboflo will do for you is eliminate TURBO LAG if you vehicle has it.



  10. Hi Hugh,

    I’m sorry that i couldn’t understand your products’ working method? And the reason why it save fuel. Looking for your reply soon. Thanks!


    1. Hi

      Please sms your phone number and i will phone you and explain how the turboflo works.



  11. where does the turbo flo .fit pn a toyota quantum.2.7 vvti petrol.2008 model

    1. Hi

      In the air intake pipe that connects onto the throttle body, throttle body side.Will send picture.
      Please phone if you have problem.REGARDS HUGH



  12. Hi there.
    Will Turbo-flo work on a:
    Ford Ranger 2,5 Td (2004) and on a
    Ford Ranger 4l V6 (2008)?
    If yes, what sort of improvements in consumption and power can one expect?
    Also, what is delivery time to Pretoria?


    1. Hi

      Works well on both vehicles. Have done more Ford Ranger Td bakkies than any other turbo diesel bakkie. This also applies to the v6 petrol. On average fuel savings bet. 10 and 15%. Delivery is door to door over night which is included in the price.



  13. I drive a 2008 Isuzu KB240LE D/Cab, is there someone else who fitted the Turbo Flo on the same bakkie, and what was their experience with regard to fuel consumption?

    1. Hi

      I have fitted hundreds of the Isuzu KB range, both petrol and diesel since 1996 and on average the fuel saving has been +/- 15%


      Hugh (Turboflo)

  14. I fitted mine to an automatic Hilux double cab 4×4 3.0D4D.
    My consumption has dropped from 11.3 to 10.4 since I have fitted it.
    I know there is a lot of speculation out there, but these are the facts.

    1. Hi

      Appreciated for letting us know. If you want to improve your fuel consumption even more, disconnect the air intake pipe in the wheel arch completely. The entrance to this pipe is +/- 48mm and also faces backwards.

  15. Hello Hugh, does your system work on a Fortuner 3.0D 4×4, a their are also some comments on the net that states it is a waste of money. Thanks.

  16. Hi.

    I bought a fuel saver from you about 2 months ago and I still have not had it installed. Every time I ask people to help they tell me I am wasting my time and will mess up my car. Is there someone in Joburg that you can recommend that can assist with installing the Fuel saver for me.


    1. Hi

      Please email a complete photo of your engine together with your phone number and I will talk your through the installation over the phone. It is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes.


  17. Hi

    Regarding your Chev Bakkie. I have done a number of them and feed back i got was all positive +/- 15% on the fuel saving

    Regarding the BMW motor plan. The only people who can give you an answer is your Insurance Company

  18. Good day,any info on Hyundai Getz 1.4 as im interested,i would like to know also if it will increase Kw & nm?

    1. Hi

      Apart from a very good fuel saving it will increase power both kw and nm.



  19. Hi

    There is a easy answer to solving this problem. Please phone me on either 031-765-6510 or 083-325-3090 and I will tell you what to do.

  20. I purchased the Turbo-Flo Two years ago.
    This product has not worked at all for me, for I found that my vehicle was still heavy of fuel.
    I may have installed it incorrectly- not sure.
    Please give advice, for I have removed the product from my vehicle.

    1. Hi

      I cannot understand why you have waited two years. The problem can be sorted. Please email vehicle details together with a engine photo showing where the turboflo was installed and I will get back to you.

  21. I have an Hyundai Atos 1.1 GLS (2007). Will I able to fit it myself?

    1. Yes, Turboflo is a d.i.y. product and you are supplied with fitting instructions etc. it fits into the air intake either before the air filter or after.

  22. Why is the same testimonial by “Ben Smit” on two different web sites selling a similar product???

    Sounds fishy to me…

    1. The product is the same, it is an Agent of mine using his own website.



      1. I suspected it as such. Thanks.

  23. Hi

    I would like to know if I can install this on my 2009 Audi A4 (B8) 2.0T 155kw without affecting the warranty/motor plan?


    1. Please contact that Company who issued the Motor Plan.

  24. Hi
    Could any one tell me more of this turboflo and can I install it on a 1.8 zafira non turbo

    1. `hi

      Yes it can be installed on your vehicle. It is a D.I.Y product and on average only takes +/- 11 minutes to install



  25. Hey Hugh. You would recall I purchased two turbo flo’s at the end on November 2013 (one for a 2008 Mitshubishi Lancer 2.0 GLS and one for a 2006 Ford Territory 4lt Ghia AWD). I just received it today and couldn’t wait install the units. My Lancer – prior to installation gave me an average of 9lt per 100km – after installing the Turbo Flo I got 7lt per 100km.

    I then tested the ‘Guzzler’ (Ford Territory). Prior to the Installation of the Turbo Flo I got an average of 13.8lt per 100km. After installation I got an average of 11.1 liters per 100km.

    Both vehicles tested at a speed of 110km per hour and this wasn’t even open road.

    I’m taking a trip from Cape Town to George this weekend (with the Territory) and am keen to see what my fuel consumption would be. Will advise soon



    1. Hi Faizel

      Your report back on both vehicles is much appreciated, many thanks. In percentages the Lancer has achieved a 28% improvement and the Ford Territory 25%.

      1. Its a pleasure. I will give you the final verdict of the Ford Territory when I return from George this weekend.



  26. Hi Hugh, give me their contact info. Thank you, Barend

  27. After two refills I could not find any savings on my 2001 Passat 1.8T triptonic.

    1. Hi

      Why don’t you contact Turboflo to find out why, as there are numerious reasons as to why you are not saving fuel;

  28. Hi, i just fitted it to my Pajero 3.2 DiD. I will provide feedback at end of January on actual savings

    1. Thanks, appreciated

    2. Hi Chris. I am considering one for my Pajero 3.2 DiD as well, let me know how it is going and if you see any improvement. Thanks, Ivan

  29. Hi i am a gxi with AFM does this come before or after the Air flow Meter

    1. Hi

      After the air flow meter.

  30. Hi
    I drive a Prado 4lt, must I fit 2x Turboflos or is one fine.
    How much will it improve?
    Regards Duncan

    1. Hi

      1 is all you need for our new improved turboflo. `Fuel saving +/-15%

    2. Hi

      All you require is one turboflo. Improvement +/- 15%

  31. Hi

    I have a Honda CRv 2lt petrol , will this work at altitude in JHB and how easy to instal.


    1. Hi

      Yes it works well in JHB, because of the additional air which turboflo causes, means more oxygen, resulting in a better fuel burn.It is easy in instal , no than more 11 minutes



  32. I have a 2012 chevy spark 1.2ls. Im just a bit confused, does this only work on cars with a turbo?

    1. Hi

      Turboflo works on all vehicles, non turbo as well as turbo charged, fuel injected , carb and diesel.



  33. Hi – I am reading all the comments and must say its quite interesting- let me know where I can go to get my Jeep a sipper installed and also what the cost would be – Thks 0734720601

    1. Hi

      Regret unless you are in Durban, Turboflo is a d.i.y. product which on average only takes +/- 9 minutes to install. It fits into the air intake system by the Air Filter. Cost including the postage is R284.00 You are supplied with fitting instructions etc.


      Hugh 083-325-3090

  34. Hi Guys, I drive a BMW E46 2002 330d, currently on 163K on the clock – I can feel my vehicle is heavy on diesel, I dont jump my service interval’s.

    Would you please advice where I will be fitting the Turbo-Flo, as I’m not mechanically good to be stripping & fitting

    082 781 7866

    1. Hi

      As per our telephonic conversation this morning, I will assist you in the installation of the Turboflo.


      1. Hi Hugh,

        How do I install on a Citi Golf 1.4 2006 Model?

        I think I may have installed incorrectly because it has made no change to my car.

        1. Hi

          Please email me your phone number so i can talk to you regarding the fitment.



  35. Yay i had mine fitted this morning by none other than Hugh Dixon . Had the privilege of taking him for a spin in my 4.0 V6 Fortuner.
    * felt an instant improvement in POWER , we got to 160kmh in a few seconds
    * even with a heavy foot it just stood at 7.2 km per ltr from 6.5
    cant wait to take her on a long trip looking forward to just over 8 km per ltr

    this man knows a few tricks on how to improve your fuel consumption and performance even further

    Im definitely going to install this unit to my fleet and recommend to my friend as well

    Kind Reards
    Imran Bux
    Buxco Express

    Thanks Hugh Dixon

    1. Hi

      Thanks for your report back on your vehicle, appreciated. Am looking forward to you reporting back after doing a trip.



  36. Hi, can I fit it for my Toyota Etios?
    Please rely to my e-mail address
    Thank you very much

    1. Yes and it only takes you 5 minutes to fit

  37. anybody fitted it to a Kia Cerato Koup 2.0 A/T

  38. Hi

    I have a 1986 Mazda 323 Egi 1.6. I had the turboflow fitted in 1999 and since then i have never had any issues. performance is still at its best for this old car. I now want to purchase the turboflow for my Audi A4 2.0 standard. Which spare shops on the west rand sell it? I live in little falls.

    1. Hi

      Regret do not have an Agent in the West Rand. As it is a d.i.y. product we will post it to you together with the fitting instructions etc. Glad to hear that your TURBOFLO you purchased in 1999 is still working well.

  39. Hi There

    I am very interested in your product and have read through your clients comments and i am impressed. However will this product work on a Mazda RX8 Hi-Power as those who know this vehicle although it is a 1300 Rotary engine it is a fuel guzzler.
    I think currently it is 13L/100km

    Please advise?


    1. Hi
      In the 16 years I having been doing turboflo I have only fitted one Madza RX8. Result, got a good fuel saving etc.
      Hugh 083-325-3090

    2. Ek het ‘n 2002 Kia sportage met die 2 liter Mazda enjine.
      Moet ek een of twee fuelsavers installeer?

      1. Hi

        One is all you will require for your vehicle

  40. I have just ordered a Turbo flow (order no 430) but gave my box no as a delivery address. Can you change that to my home address?

    4 Highgate
    107 Highbury Road
    Brighton Beach

  41. 25th June 2013.

    Hi Hugh

    I don’t know if you remember but in November 2013 I purchased a turboflo for my 1999 BMW 328.I.
    Last week I put my car into the garage for a service, forgetting that there was a Turboflo installed. On getting the car back I noticed that there was a reduction in the power and after a couple of days I notice my fuel consumption was worse. On checking I found that the Turboflo had been removed.
    The Garage denied having removed it.
    I have already transferred monies into you Bank Account ,so please send me another Turtboflo a.s.a.p.

    Branagan Soloman

  42. Ek wil julle gelukwens met jul produk.
    Ek het in 2007 n turboflo gekoop en in my 2.5 colt diesel bakkie aangebring.
    Ek het ook gemerk dat dit ligter was op diesel.
    Ek het nou n 2.5 mahindra scorpio tdc en sal graag weer vir die voertuig n turboflo aanbring aangesien ek n pensionaris is en moet bespaar waar ek kan op diesel( dis nou duur)
    Ek het al gehoor dat mense wil weet of twee turboflo s in plaas van een beter werk maar ek weet nie aagesien ek die produk ook aanbeveel by my vriende,wat self ook wou weet of twee beter sal werk?
    Kan julle dalk vir my bevestig of dit beter werk of nie.
    Ek woon in port elizabeth en wil n turboflo vir my mahindra scorpio en ook vir my vrou se td tata aanskaf.(ek het dit ook aan my seun aanbeveel vir sy 2008 colt td bakkie)
    Wat bsal dit kos vir die turboflo as dit gestuur word en kan ek dit per internetbetaling doen.
    Ek verneem graag van julle vir die pryse aangesien ek dit nodig het om my “budget” uit te werk.( dom vraag kry pensionarisse afslag?)ek vra omdat n vriend van my ook belangstel,aangesien hy ook n pensionaris is soos ek,maar ek kon nie op sy vraag antwoord nie)
    Kan u my voorsien van afgelewerde pryse als ingesluit vir die volgende voertuie;
    Tata td 1400, 2009 2.5 Mahindra Scorpio td ,2008 2.8 colt td en 2012 daihatsu terios 1500. Byvoorbaat dank. Gert Heynie

    1. Goeie dag Mnr Heynie

      Baie dankie vir u navraag en ook die positiewe terug voering.
      Dit is altyd goed om te hoor van mense wat baat vind by die produk.

      Na aanleiding van u navraag, kan ek u die volgende bevestig:

      – Daar is TURBO-FLO’s beskikbaar vir elk een van die voertuie wat u genoem het.
      – Die prys is R 284 elk.
      – Ons ruim ‘n korting van 20% vir bona-fide pensionarisse in

      – gebruik die kode PENS20 waar dit Enter coupon code : se wanneer u deur die bestel proses gaan.

      – Die vervaardiger stel voor dat dit in die meeste gevalle nie lonend is nie om ‘n tweede eenheid te installeer – tensy dit vir een van die groot (meestal Amerikaanse of Japanese) V8 voertuie bedoel is.
      – U kan alles op die webwerf bestel en betaal – ieder met krediet kaart of direkte oorplasing na die vervaardiger se bank rekening.
      – Om aflewerings koste te bespaar: Bestel alle eenhede met een slag – die aflewerings koste is per bestelling.

      Die maklikste in u geval sal wees om soos volg voort te gaan:

      – Gaan direk na Shop bo in die menu
      – Sodra die nuwe bladsy oopgemaak het, vul in die hoeveelheid TURBO-FLO’s wat u wil bestel (die blokkie reg onderkant Quantity)
      – Kliek regs op Add to Cart in die blou blokkie
      – Sodra u bestelling links wys, kliek op Checkout
      – Sodra die volgende bladsy oopgemaak het, sal u sien dat daar nou ‘n opsomming is van u bestelling

      – Hier kan u die hoeveelheid TURBO-FLO’s weer verander, as u wil (kliek net op Update nadat u iets verander)
      – In die volgende kassie is daar nou ‘n blok waar u die kode vir u afslag invul, PENS20
      – Vul die vorm verder in.
      – Maak seker die aflewerings adres is korrek – ons sal die pakkie per koerier stuur as u die eerste opsie onder Please choose a Postage Rate kies
      – Vul alle voertuie behoorlik in die Vehicles blokkie in: Een per lyn, boujaar, vervaardiger en model (bv. 2009 Mahindra Scorpio 2.5 td)
      – Verder af kan u besluit of u per krediet / debiet kaart wil betaal of ‘n direkte oorplasing wil doen (ons stuur vir u die bank besonderhede)
      – Kliek in die blokkie langs I agree to the Terms and Conditions
      – U sal onderaan sien dat u korting ingereken is
      – Kliek op Buy Now

      Hier van af word u ieder na die bank se webwerf herlei indien u per kaart betaal of u gaan weer terug na ons webwerf as u wil direk oorplaas – die epos met die bank besonderhede word dan onmiddelik na u getsuur sou u verkies om self in te wil betaal.

      Ek hoop om u hiermee tot diens te gewees het.
      Groete, Manfred Hinsch
      Die TURBO-FLO span

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