Toyota Fuel Consumption

Want to save 10-15% on Toyota fuel consumption?

Why spend 1000’s of Rand having your engine specially tuned, chip upgrade, gas flowing or fitting performance parts? You can reduce your Toyota’s fuel consumption and get more power for only [get_product_price id=’9′] by using the TURBO-FLO (Includes free delivery in SA)

Reduce fuel consumption up to 15%

With the TURBO-FLO fuel saver you can reduce your Toyota’s fuel consumption by 10-15%, get more power and reduce turbo-lag. Works for your Petrol or Diesel Toyota. There are no special skills required to fit the fuel saving device – a screw driver will do the job. It takes less than 20 minutes to fit the fuel saving device into the air intake. With no moving parts, the TURBO-FLO is completely maintenance free. It will last as long as your vehicle. Order your one to-day, stick it in and start saving fuel immediately!

How to get your fuel saver

Find out if your Toyota is on the list of Approved Vehicle Models. If it is on the list, or a model close to it, we have one for you – you can order directly from the list. Included in each purchase is a 90 day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Your fuel saver is also sent directly to you, free of charge, anywhere in the country.